Graduation Time

Around here spring is the season for graduations and commencements. Yes, a whole new batch of college graduates is coming into the workforce.

Are you one of them? Congratulations!

Or maybe you graduated several years ago? Keep reading…

Having that degree in hand is important BUT there is much more to having a successful career than what you learned in school.

AND nearly everyone in the business world has a degree.So how do you distinguish yourself as you compete for the high-paying jobs? More coursework? Another degree?

First let’s clear up a couple of misconceptions…

Where you went to school will give you an edge

OK maybe your alma mater on your resume gets you an interview. Or maybe you make a connection with someone at work that went to the same school. But in most cases, once you get on the job, the truth is – no one really cares. Success will be based on how you perform – not where you came from.

Your GPA and how well you did in school makes a difference

A handful of companies may ask for your school records but, for the most part, as long as you graduated, your GPA is ancient history.

So what does matter?

  • Attitude
  • How you get along with others
  • Picking up new skills quickly
  • How well you manage your time

College really didn’t help you all that much with these ‘skills’, did they?

Turns out that much of your education starts AFTER you leave school.

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