Everyone has a story

Please read this.

This is one of the most important things that I can ever tell anyone. It’s what I believe and what you should believe.

It’s one of my favorite sayings. Why?

It’s true.

Think about this one. This isn’t a lecture, an educational session or training.

It’s reality. It’s life. It’s who we are.

Here’s how I always approached people. I didn’t come up with this. I just learned it. From whom? Many people. My father mostly. Check this out.

One day I was coming home from Springfield College, the fall of good ole 1978. Yes, many moons ago. I took the bus from the bus station at Springfield to Quincy center. At the time I had options but the bus was it (yes, I used to thumb; look that one up, scary &*^%). Anyway after traffic delays, other delays, etc. we were over two hours late.

When I arrived at the Quincy station I figured my dad would by pissed, mad or whatever (don’t know why because he wasn’t the type to be angry but that’s the way my mind was working). Anyway, I got to the station, got off the bus, and found my dad.

He didn’t want anything to do with me!

He was busy having a conversation with one of his former students. He said hi, introduced me and continued with his conversation which now I was a part of.

Amazing, as it turned out he had actually talked to many people during that several hour delay. Some he knew (like his students and colleagues), some he didn’t know, but he was interested, always, in people. He cared (and still cares by the way) about all people.

The people he talked to and knew are like all of us; we have stories, and families, and friends, and interests, and…

More stories…

Please don’t judge someone, dislike them, “think ill of them”, before you know their story.

They have one.

Just like you.

Your ability to work well with people will open many doors for you in your work life. Developing these skills is a cornerstone of our program and should be part of your personal development plan.

Don’t underestimate soft skills – if you have gaps they WILL slow you down…

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