Presenting…. You!

April 24, 2017 John Rossi 0

The ability to create and deliver an effective presentation is definitely a core business competency. It is too bad that many people develop this competency organically or by sheer happenstance. Why not make it a […]

The Presentation Killer

April 13, 2017 John Greene 0

This is a short but important weekly tip. Unfortunately this happens quite frequently. You’re presenting to a group of people and the presentation is going well.  People are engaged and participating in the meeting. Then […]

Don M. Powerpoint – funny video

March 20, 2017 John Greene 0

Some things never get old and this is one of them.  No matter how many Powerpoints we have seen they still have the same problems.  And guess what?  Powerpoint isn’t going away.  Check it out. […]