Presenting…. You!

April 24, 2017 John Rossi 0

The ability to create and deliver an effective presentation is definitely a core business competency. It is too bad that many people develop this competency organically or by sheer happenstance. Why not make it a […]

The Presentation Killer

April 13, 2017 John Greene 0

This is a short but important weekly tip. Unfortunately this happens quite frequently. You’re presenting to a group of people and the presentation is going well.  People are engaged and participating in the meeting. Then […]

Lincoln’s Email

April 13, 2017 John Greene 0

Abraham Lincoln was an avid emailer. OK, maybe not. But I think he would have been if email existed in his time. Have you ever received an e-mail that infuriated you, pissed you off, made […]

Everyone is a Politician

April 10, 2017 John Rossi 0

There are politics in every organization. It’s unavoidable. This course will put you in the best position to adjust and thrive in any culture.